Buying From Home

Buying From Home

Hellman makes it easier than ever.

Buying From Home Guide

Follow these simple steps and you can purchase a vehicle from the comfort of your own home.

1.) Select the vehicle you are interested in from our website, if we don’t have what you are looking for, we will find it.

2.) Reach Out To Us. You can do that directly through or with a phone call to (970)874-4444. We will send you an in-depth video walk-around of your vehicle to make sure it will fit your needs.

3.) If you are purchasing with cash or check, we will send you the necessary paperwork to fill out and email back to us.

3b.) For Financing we will direct you to our secure online credit application, get your approval, then send all the necessary paperwork to fill out and email back to us.

4.) We can take care of your trade too, 10-12 quick pictures is all we need. We will need Exterior pictures of your vehicle (this can be done via text or email) All sides, Tires, and Roof. Also, interior pictures Front Seats, Back Seats, Odometer, and Cargo Area/Trunk/Bed.

5.) Taking Delivery is the best part. We will bring your new or pre-owned vehicle to you. Delivery within 60 miles of the store is FREE and every mile after that will be charged at just $1.50 per mile. A few final signatures at that time and you are done!